Pasta salad (02)

350 gm large pasta shells
125gm beef slices
1 tbsp oil
1 medium carrot
1 small green capsicum
270gm canned corn kernels, drained
2 tbsp sour cream
1/2 cup French dressing

- Cook pasta in a large pan of boiling water until just tender; drain, rinse under cold water, drain again. Place in a large mixing bowl and combine with oil. 
- Cut the carrot in half — lengthwise, then into thin strips. Cut capsicum and beef into strips. 
- Add the carrot, capsicum, beef and corn to pasta. Mix well. Place sour cream and dressing in a screw top jar; shake well. Transfer salad to a serving bowl, pour over dressing. 
- Serve at room temperature.

Quick Tip
To save time, cook the pasta before hand and refrigerate until required. This salad is a good way of using up leftovers. Include cold chicken, cooked or canned fish, cheese or any vegetables.

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