1 bunch coriander leaves, without stalks
  5 green chillies
  3 cloves garlic  
  Salt to taste

1. Grind these ingredients in a minimum amount of water to make a very fine paste. 2. Stir-fry the paste in a little oil till the garlic becomes pungent and the paste thickens. 
3. This chutney is made especially for besan ki roti. 
4. To make red garlic chutney in red, use red chillies instead of green.


  1 1/2 ltr water
  1/2 tsp poppy seeds
  1/2 tsp cardamom powder  
  1/2 tbls fennel seeds
  1 tsp cantaloupes seeds
  1 tsp watermelon seeds
  50 grm almonds
  250 ml milk
  Sugar to taste
  20 dried/fresh rose petals

1. Soak sugar in half litre water. 
2. Wash all ingredients and soak in two cups of water. Let soak for three to four hours. 
3. Grind the soaked ingredients, sieve through a muslin cloth and strain through water, repeat four to five times, straining through the same water, or i.e. until paste renders no essence. 
4. Add the remaining water and milk. 
5. Serve chilled.


  ½ cup dates, without seed 
  ½ tbsp red chilli powder  
  1/8 cup deseeded tamarind pulp
  ¼ cup sugar
  Salt to taste

1. Boil the dates in some water till they turn to pulp. 
2. Add the tamarind pulp and cook for a minute. 
3. Add the remainder of the ingredients and bring to boil, then remove from heat. 4. This chutney is good for chaat, samosas and nimco.


  2 ltr milk
  3/4 cup sugar
  25 grm each almonds and pistachio
  7 cardamom pods
  A pinch of saffron
  ½ teaspoon rose water

1. Soak saffron in hot milk and crush to make a paste. In a heavy lidded pot or wok, pour milk and bring to boil on medium flame. 
2. Once milk comes to a simmer and cream sets on the top, gently move cream to a side and stir in the centre to ensure that the milk does not stick to the bottom.
3. Keep repeating the process until milk is reduced to one-third. Add sugar, cardamom and saffron and boil for 10 minutes. 
4. Peel and chop the soaked almonds and pistachio. 
5. Sprinkle the chopped nuts and turn off flame, stirring the pot to mix the cream on the side of the pot. 
6. Cool to room temperature, add rose water and chill in refrigerator. 
7. Serve chilled.


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