Mushroom Salad with Egg Dumplings

A low calorie nutritious salad with egg dumplings

Butter lettuce - 1 no
Eggs(hard-boiled) - 3 nos(sliced)
Cherry tomatoes - 3/4 cup
Button mushrooms - 3/4 cup(sliced)
Chives - 1 1/2 tbsp(chopped)
Avocado - 1 no(sliced)
Garlic - 1 cloves(crushed)
vinegar - 1 tbsp
Orange juice - 2 1/2 tbsp

1)Wash the lettuce leaves properly and tear into small pieces.
2)Take a serving bowl and arrange the lettuce leaves, egg slices, cherry tomatoes, chives, mushrooms and avocado.
3) In a separate bowl mix together vinegar, crushed garlic and orange juice.
4)Pour this mixture over the lettuce salad just before serving.

:-A good quality butter lettuce will have loose, large heads with thick leaves and green color.

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