Turnip Pickle

1/2 kg Turnips (Shalgam)
1 cup Mustard Oil (Sarson Ka Tel)
15 cloves Garlic (Lasun)
1 cup Vinegar (Sirka)
3/4 or 1 cup Sugar (Cheeni)
15 dry Dates (Khajoor)
6 teaspoons seedless golden Raisins (Kishmish)
1 teaspoon peppercorn
2 teaspoons chilli powder
1 teaspoon Onions seeds (Kalonji)
1 teaspoon Cumin Seeds (Jeera)
1/3 cup Salt (Namak)

* Grind the spices and sugar together.
* Grind dates and raisins with a little vinegar.
* Peel and cut turnips into thick round slices and rub salt on them.
* Keep for 8 hours.
* Heat oil, fry the ground garlic till golden brown.
* In it fry turnips till dry.
* Add vinegar, ground spices with sugar and ground dates and raisins.
* Put in a jar, keep in the sun for 6 days.

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