Baked fish fillet

Fish marinated in lemon juice and baked with spices is high in flavors and low in calories.

    90 gm —- fish fillet
    1 tbsp —- lemon juice
    15 gm —- cream
    20 ml —- fish stock
    2 gm —- saunf powder
    2 gm —- zafran
    Salt & pepper, to taste

    10 gm —- pine nuts, roasted
    5 gm —- each, thyme & oregano
    30 gm —- red pepper
    20 gm —- tomatoes
    10 gm —- shallots
    1 tbsp —- olive oil
    20 gm —- butter

    Season fillet with salt, pepper & lemon juice. Keep aside.
    Blend all the ingredients for the marinade well & marinate the fish I n it.
    Pour fish stock over.
    Bake the fish in a preheated oven for 6-8 minutes at 180 degree C. reduce the cream, add zafran, saunf powder, salt & pepper.
    Using a hand blender, churn the mixture to make it frothy.
    To serve, place fish on a plate & drizzle cream around.
    Serve with grilled vegetables & pumpkin risotto.

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