Cookie Cream and Mango Sundae Cookie Cream and Mango Sundae

Easy- to-make and involves no cooking. Even little ones can help their mom to put it together.

6 chocolate chip cookies
1/2 cup chilled fresh cream
1/4 cup powdered sugar
1/4 tsp vanilla essence
1 cup fresh mango pieces

For The Garnish
Rolled chocolate wafer biscuits

* Combine the cream, 2 tbsp sugar and vanilla essence in a bowl and whisk well till the mixture doubles in volume and forms soft peaks. 
* Combine the remaining sugar along with ¼ cup water and whisk well. 
Crumble the cookies and put 2 cookies in each serving glass.
* Sprinkle some sugar water over it and spoon out some cream over the cookies.
* Place some mango pieces on top and top with some more cream.
* Garnish with wafer biscuits and serve immediately.

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