Beetroot Squash

Beetroot pulp - 1kg 
Water for boiling beetroot
Sugar - 1kg 
Tonovin essence - 1 tsp
Water - 5 cups
Citric Acid - 1 1/2 tsp
Fresh lime juice - 2 1/2

- Scrape the beetroot and boil in water. Keep the pan open while boiling. When it is done, keep it aside.
- Boil sugar in 5 cups of water. When the sugar completely dissolves, keep it aside.
- Squeeze the beetroot pieces and strain out the pulp. Grind the beetroot again and sieve out the maximum pulp. 
- Add the pulp to the sugar syrup. Add essence, citric acid and lime juice to it and stir it well. Pour the squash into a dry bottle when cool. Refrigerate. 

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