Chocolate Cake Truffles

400g Chocolate cake sponge, broken to pieces
100g Semi-sweet chocolate, melted
3 tbsp Whole milk (approximate)
80g Semi-sweet chocolate, melted
Dragees to decorate

    In a mixer with K-beater, mix the chocolate sponge well. Make sure they are broken into pieces.
    Add the whole milk to blend. They should somehow come together, but not completely.
    Add in the melted chocolate.
    Mix thoroughly until they come together. If they don't, add more milk or chocolate if needed.
    Then divide out the chocolate mixture, and roll them into balls.
    Refrigerate until ready to decorate.

To decorate:
    Pipe some chocolate on the chocolate balls.
    Decorate with coloured dragess as desired.
    Serve it cool!

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