Chana Dal Samosa

    chana dal - 1 cup 
    red chilly - 1tsp
    cumin seed- ½ tsp
    clove powder- 1 tsp
    cinnamon stick – 1
    aniseed- ½ tsp
    black pepper powder- ½
    garam masala - 1 tsp
    1 tsp amchoor
    1 tbs chat masala
    oil for frying
    salt to taste

For Dough
    1 cup fine flour
    2 tbsp oil,
    salt and water.

    1. Soak the dal till 6 hour.
    2. Now grind it with asafetida.
    3. Take a bowl add fine flour, oil, salt water and make a stiff dough and set a side.
    4. Heat the oil into a kadahi now add aniseed, cumin seed, , red chilly and cook for a minutes.
    5. Now add chana dal now fry for fifteen minutes.
    6. Add garam masala, chat masala, amchoor, clove, cinnamon stick salt and and set aside.
    7. Cut the dough into small pieces and make a round cake now fold it from middle and make a semi circle.
    8. Fold it into conical shape and stuff dal mixture.
    9. Heat the oil into kadahi now deep fry all samosa till it turn golden brown.

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