Palak Pakora

    1 kg palak
    200 gms rava
    250 gms gram flour
    12 green chillies
    1 piece ginger
    1 tbsp cumin seeds
    1 tbsp ajwain
    Salt to taste

    Wash palak, drain water and chop coarsely.
    Chop green chillies and ginger in to fine pieces and mix with palak.
    Add ajwain, cumin seeds and salt.
    Gradually add gram flour and semolina to the palak till the batter is of semi-solid consistency.
    No water to be added at all since the batter can be mixed in the juice of palak itself.
    Keep oil in a cooking pan.
    When the oil is hot, wet hand and take the batter and drop in small portions in to the oil.
    Cook in flow fire till the pakodas are of light brown colour.

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