Praline and cream

  ½ tin evaporated milk, chilled
  ½ cup praline, crushed
  2 cups fresh cream, whipped
  4 tbsp condensed milk
  ½ vanilla essence
For sauce
  50g butter
  25g brown sugar
  ¼ cup cream
  1 tbsp golden syrup
  Few drops of vanilla essence

For sauce
1. Cook butter and sugar in a pan until they dissolve. 
2. Add in syrup and cream, and let it simmer for two minutes. 
3. Remove and add the essence.

For ice cream
4. Beat evaporated milk till fluffy. 
5. Add condensed milk and the prepared sauce. 
6. Fold in the fresh cream and put in the freezer till partly set. 
7. Remove it and very gently fold in the praline and again freeze it until firm.

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