Martabak, also mutabbaq, (Arabic: مطبق‎) is a stuffed pancake or pan-fried bread which is commonly found in Saudi Arabia (especially the Tihamah and the Hejaz regions). Depending on the location, the name and ingredients can significantly vary. The name mutabbaq (or sometimes mutabbag) in Arabic means "folded". In Indonesia, the Murtabak is one of the most popular street food menu and is well known as Martabak.

  ½ kg boneless meat,
  1 tsp garlic paste
  1 tsp ginger paste
  1 tbsp red chilli
  ½ tsp turmeric powder
  1 tsp cumin seeds
  ½ tsp cardamom powder
  1 tsp salt
  3 eggs
  1 cup grated cheese
  1 cup flour for rotis
  ½ tsp black pepper
  2 tbsp coriander leaves
  1 tsp lemon juice

1. Boil meat with garlic/ginger paste, salt, red chilli, turmeric powder and cumin seeds. 
2. Take the boiled meat and shred it. Beat eggs and add salt, black pepper and cardamom powder. 
3. Make rotis according the size of the dish. 
4. Now grease the dish and spread the roti on it. Spread with egg mixture, sprinkle with meat, lemon, grated cheese and coriander leaves. 
5. Place another roti on the top and repeat the procedure. Bake in the oven till firm. 
6. Cut it like cake slices and serve.

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